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Advanced Snow Management | Core Principles

The Core Principles course is a pre-requisite for all other courses in the Advanced Snow Management program. It can be used to prepare individuals for other courses in the Advanced Snow Management program, or as a stand-alone training course for operations personnel. Content includes:

  • Standardized basic safety training specific to snow.
  • Simple instruction on key conditions/variables related to winter weather.
  • Review of various governmental bodies and any existing regulations.
  • Introduction to concepts of cycling equipment and manpower through sites consistently.
  • Insight into interpreting a site engineering plan.
  • Standard review of the importance of onsite documentation of operations.
The course is constructed using best practices in adult learning to help individuals learn at their own pace.

Run Time: Self-guided course
Continuing Education: This course is worth 4 Certified Snow Professional (CSP) continuing education credits.

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