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Fundamentals of Anti-icing and Liquids

The prevention of snow/ice bonding to a paved surface is more efficient than the management of precipitation after bonding has initiated. Bond prevention is achieved through a trained workforce employing the use of liquids and solids in an effective anti-icing strategy.

This online personal certificate course will provide in-depth knowledge in:

  • The core science of how anti-icing and liquids work, and when they don’t.
  • Major deicers and their pros and cons.
  • Operational planning and implementation of liquid applications on sidewalks and in parking lots.
  • Introduction to making brine, including assessing when a company is ready to do so and the essentials to maintaining quality and consistency.
  • Liquid spray system calibration and application rate calculations.
  • Safety and environmental controls for storing, transporting and applying liquids.
Lessons include:
  • Science of Liquids - Part 1 (with Diana Clonch) - 26 minutes
  • Science of Liquids - Part 2 (with Diana Clonch) - 31 minutes
  • Anti-icing Methods & Tools (with Phill Sexton, CSP, ASM) - 53 minutes
  • Anti-icing Techniques & Scenarios (with Phill Sexton, CSP, ASM) - 60 minutes
  • Liquid Calibration & Application Rates (with Scott Zorno, CSP) - 60 minutes
  • Storage and Transport of Liquid Deicers (with Phill Sexton, CSP, ASM) - 36 minutes
  • Fundamentals of Brine-making (with Diana Clonch) - 28 minutes
  • Impact on Infrastructure & Environment (with Phill Sexton, CSP, ASM) - 25 minutes
This course is available exclusively to SIMA members as part of membership value.

Run Time: Total training time for this 8-lesson course is 5.5 hours (does not include quiz time).
Continuing Education: This course is worth 6 Certified Snow Professional (CSP) continuing education credits.

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