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Creating Standard Operating Procedures for Snow Operations

Dan Osicki & Phill Sexton, CSP, ASM
Like any other business, the process of managing snow can be broken down into a set of core processes and procedures to accomplish the work. The logistics of a snow management operation in full swing can be overwhelming and feel unmanageable. By applying consistently through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) for snow operations, more consistency in service and execution can be achieved. This webinar will delve into the topic of SOPS for Ops, including:

  • Defining a SOP and understanding its key elements
  • Using SOPs as training tools and 'teachable moments
  • Documenting SOPs effectively
  • Concrete examples of SOPs, including truck maintenance, site engineering and pre-storm planning
This course is available exclusively to SIMA members as part of membership value.

Continuing Education: This course is worth 2 Certified Snow Professional (CSP) continuing education credits.

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