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Snow Fighter Safety: How to Battle the Elements While Maintaining Your Health

Brian Birch and Katie Vandale
Professionals in snow understand the amount of energy and stamina needed to battle through the winter. Long hours, lack of access to facilities, and urgency all contribute to a profession that can simply be bad for your health. This course focuses on some realistic tips for keeping yourself and your crews as healthy as possible while still getting it done. This presentation addresses:

  • Sleep: The impact of irregular sleep patterns and recognizing sleep deprivation symptoms
  • Nutrition: Balancing good food and drink choices with the demands of winter work
  • Mental toughness: Learning how to manage through severe storms without losing your mind
  • Family matters: Dealing with stress in the family when winter weather keeps you from home for longer periods of time
  • Bathroom breaks: Yes, we are going there. The impact of not going when you should and figuring out when to 'check the tire pressure'
This course is available exclusively to SIMA members as part of membership value.

Continuing Education: This course is worth 2 Certified Snow Professional (CSP) continuing education credits.

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